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 Family and Marriage:

Grant Windle and his wife of 37 years, Cheryl, have three sons – Joel,   Ben and Thomas .  They have two beautiful daughter in-laws – Cindi and Julieanne, and five grandsons. They are currently based in Los Angeles.


Grant turns 57 years of age this year 2015.





Musician, Songwriter/Producer:   


Grant is an accomplished musician and songwriter – having produced  3 CD’s. Playing keyboards and guitar, his music is eclectic in style ranging from mellow instrumental music to high energy vocals in blues, rock and jazz-gospel. His musical influences range from the Beatles, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder and Andrae Crouch right through to orchestral pieces and the classic jazz genre of 'the American Songbook' era.



 Documentary Filmmaker:

In 2007 Grant produced, wrote and directed a full feature 50 minute documentary called “Cinderella Children” depicting the plight of children in war-torn Uganda, Africa. The documentary went on to win two USA Telly awards and was the front page feature article in 2009 November edition of Charisma magazine.

 Grant has also completed producing his second documentary called “Heart for India” after filming in India’s slums late 2009. This documentary highlights the complexity of Indian culture and how it affects the children of this great nation. Follow Grant as he is led by the children himself to see their slums firsthand.

Hard at work!   ARTIST

Grant only started painting when he turned 46 yrs of age. It was more accidental in a way when he built a new house and had walls to fill. Starting out he attempted to copy Picasso's cubism. The desire grew and now Grant has a passion for both acrylic and oil mediums. Like everything else in his life - his art style is quite eclectic ranging from abstact, cubism to landscapes. Check out the gallery. There will be paintings for sale at various times and commissioned work is certainly welcomed. To purchase paintings(when available) simply click on 'shop'.


Grant and his wife Cheryl travel the world helping people and serving organisations of faith. They are currently based in Los Angeles. To see more go to - www.churchadvance.com