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These audio clips are all taken from cassettes that I've kept of mainly live performances from the 70's and early 80's. Quality is not the best and obviously styles reflect their era. I performed with my group 'Christian People' in the 70's and then some solo work as well.

Better to be Safe Than Sorry

- 1978 live performance written by Grant and Mark Windle

Everlasting Life - 1981 live performance. Written by Phil Driscoll

You Put a Smile on My Face - 1978 live performance written by Grant Windle

Quiet Times - 1983 live performance of an Andrae Crouch classic

The Joy of the Lord - I wrote this song in the 70's but in 1983 a friend of mine Phil Guest recorded it with a classic 80's feel. I arranged the vocals for this recording.

Lord I'm Gonna' Love You - 1980 live performance of this Keith Green devotion

God So Loved the World - 1980 live performance of this Stevie Wonder Classic "All in Love is Fair", but I changed the words to protect the innocent!

The Jailor Song - 1983 recording written by my brother Mark about the story of Paul and Silas in jail in the book of Acts

Mothers of Children - 1982 recording. I was asked to write and record a song for a mothers album. I was given the lyrics and I gave it a big choir treatment.

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